PASION, flavored with Argentina


The Legend

There are many legends on the herb which has inspired the liquor Yerba Mate Pasion.
The most famous is the one that tells how Yasi and Arai (deities who personify the moon and the clouds of twilight) roamed the woods after being dropped for the game on the ground.
Their adventure was in danger of turning into tragedy when they encountered a jaguar that attacked.
But a hunter (a very old age man) came to their rescue, the rescued and housed in his modest hut, where the old man lived with his elderly wife and a young daughter.
Moved by such hospitality - despite the miserable condition of life of the little family - the two gods decided to reward the hospitality giving the old and his family the caa (yerba mate), a plant beneficial and protective.
Yasi tossed through the air a heavenly seed and Arai dropped a drizzle that, in the space of one night, made ​​to grow the white flowers of the plant. They also made the white daughter of the old lady of the yerba. It is said that even today the spirit of this woman turns to the cultivated fields of yerba mate and protect workers.